Friday, February 16, 2024

Horse Figurines in the Making: An old film of Fannie Branson creating her "miniature horses"

Artist Fannie Branson with one of her equine creations in 1946

In 2023, I wrote a blog post on equine artist/crafter Fannie Branson (1881-1965) of Agate Beach, Oregon. 

Here's a short documentary film showing her at work! (Thanks to Linda Shaw for sharing the link with me.)

And here's a link to my original blog post on the artist:

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  1. What fun!! Nostalgia at its best!! Thank you so much--!! Gosh I wish I could see that tack in person,... I'm tickled, among many other things, to hear someone besides my husband use the word 'pulchritude' -- meaning, beauty.