Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Model Horse Collector, circa 1969

Online newspaper archives are a wonderful resource, when researching the model horse hobby.  Here is an example: 

The Hackensack, NJ Sunday Record newspaper published a two-page spread on early hobbyist Audrey Tischler on September 14, 1969. The organized model horse hobby was just starting to be established in the US.

Keep scrolling down; I'll cut the article into sections and enlarge them, to make them more legible.

Audrey Tischler had 250 model horses in her Glenside stable, the article says.  And she was taking part in model horse photo shows by mail.

Audrey was 14, and already had 250 model horses.

Audrey puts tack on a Breyer Morgan.

The article said there were several hundred
 people taking part in photo shows by mail.

A lovely Breyer Running Mare in costume.

I wonder if the "girl in Illinois" Audrey wrote to,
was Marney Walerius?

Audrey made her own tack and costumes.

She belonged to two model horse organizations.

What a wonderful way to look back on hobby history! I'll share more of these stories as I find them online.