Saturday, July 11, 2020

Newspaper Ads for Beswick Horses, 1941-1968

Recently I posted some copies of old newspaper ads for Beswick (England) horse figurines on the Model Horse History Project's social media page. I thought it would be a good idea to share them here as well, since they show some of the stores where Beswicks were available other than in the UK, in the decades during and after World War II.

The oldest ad dates to 1941.

The (Vancouver) Province, 10 December 1941.

Montreal Journal, 3 July 1953.

Montreal Journal, 3 July 1953.

Montreal Gazette, 6 July 1953.

Montreal Gazette, 6 July 1953.

Montreal Gazette, 18 August 1956.

Montreal Gazette, 18 August 1956. ("Mare" ?)

Ottawa Journal, 20 December 1956.

Sydney Morning Herald, 6 December 1959.

Edmonton Journal, 21 December 1960.

Sydney Morning Herald, 15 May 1968.

Ottawa Journal, 19 December 1968.

BreyerFest Newspaper Ads and Stories, 1993 to 2001

Since BreyerFest (online) is this weekend, I thought it would be interesting to visit and see how BreyerFest was perceived and promoted in its earlier days.

This one is from the Tampa, FL Tribune newspaper in 1993,
reporting on a group of folks who went to BreyerFest
the year that Secretariat's owner was there.

Meyer's in East Brunswick, NJ held a model horse show in March 1994 with a BreyerFest sweepstakes for entrants. (That poor Yellow Mount in the ad seems to have lost his ears at some point!) The ad was in the Central New Jersey Home News.

 In May 1996, King Arthur's Court Toys in Cincinnati held a "Breyer Day" where folks could win two free tickets to BreyerFest. They advertised in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Oh, dear. In October 1997, The Gingerbread House in Bloomington, IL advertised a "BreyerFest" of their own in the Pantagraph newspaper.

Wonder how many collectors were confused? I also wonder if anyone from Breyer tried to correct them?

Breyer itself took out ads in the Louisville Courier-Journal in July 2001 for BreyerFest.