Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Cute (Model Horse) Foal Photos

Hagen-Renaker A-453 mini mini foal,
one inch tall, designed by Maureen Love, first issued Fall 1964.

Spring and early summer bring a wealth of photos of foals to the internet. I thought it would be fun to share some pictures of some model horse youngsters, too.  These were all issued by the California pottery Hagen-Renaker, Inc.

This very vintage Hagen-Renaker A-62 draft horse foal dates from 1949-1951. It was designed by Helen Perrin Farnlund. It's a factory "second" that was never finished.  A little girl who lived near the HR factory in Monrovia, California at the time picked it out of a Hagen-Renaker trash bin and took it home.  Then she grew up and, a couple of years ago, gave it to me. 

Here are some miniature Hagen-Renaker foals designed by Maureen Love: the A-236 lying foal from the mid-1950s, and the A-298 Arabian foal, standing, tail pointing up, issued Spring 1956-Spring 1959.  (For you Breyer collectors, the mini HRs are Stablemate scale. In fact, the "G1" Stablemates were all originally Hagen-Renaker designs by Maureen Love that were issued in ceramic many years before the first Stablemates came out.)

More Hagen-Renaker youngsters.
Left: A-363 turning yearling from Spring 1958-Fall 1959. Right: another A-236 Arabian foal.
Note the difference in shading.

HR Designers Workshop B-561 lying Morgan foal, "Clover"
and B-562 grazing Morgan foal, "Scamper," from 1954.

Hagen-Renaker Designers Workshop B-550 "Roughneck" Morgan foal, first issued Spring 1954.

Three examples of the HR B-709 small "Zilla" Arabian foal, first issued in Fall 1959.

And finally (for now), here's one of the most recent additions to my herd: the HR B-751 DW "Vanguard" Thoroughbred foal, designed by Maureen Love, issued Fall 1961 to Spring 1972.

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