Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hagen-Renaker B-707 "Amir" Arabian stallion

Do you collect model horse figurines? If so, welcome! (And if not, you're still welcome to learn more about this hobby.)

This blog will feature stories and photographs from my own (admittedly small compared to other people's collections) model horse collection.  We'll talk about model horses created by Hagen-Renaker, Beswick, Breyer, Hartland and other manufacturers.  We'll explore stories of the people who designed and distributed model horse figurines.  We'll look at some of the real horses that inspired horse figurines.

Much of what I want to share with others in the hobby is information about the history of model horses. I've been collecting since I was a child, and I feel it's important that collectors share with others what they know about the hobby and the times that influenced it. 

I'll also share links to information on current and upcoming model horse information, virtual and "live" model horse gatherings, and more!

Old Breyer glossy alabaster Proud Arabian Mare
and Hagen-Renaker "Drum Major" Yearling

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